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  1. Doris Cohen

    1961 Orlando, West Highway 50, New movie theatre. There was a motel with restaurant across the street, I think it was Jamaica Inn, I worked there, can’t remember the name of it.

  2. 1962 and 1963 – I was a college student from Ohio hanging out around Lake Eola in September of both years, and sleeping on park benches. I recall a very peculiar, slender, grey haired colorful old guy (who I later learned lived at the Cherry Plaza hotel/apts) who used to wander around Lake Eola Park dressed in long flowing, robe-like billowy shirts and baggy pants or shorts. He had white hair and resembled a religious ascetic or hermit. He would pick up and examine tiny pieces of paper and candy wrappers, etc., that he found in the grass. He never spoke. I never forgot this guy and often wondered who and what he was. Does anyone else remember him? I had an aunt who lived in the Cherry Plaza in the 1980s and she told me he was quite eccentric and a well-known,long-term resident of the building.

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