About Orlando Retro

Orlando Retro is a collection of postcards and stories from The City Beautiful’s first 150 years.  

Walt Disney is often credited for putting Orlando on the map. That’s not the case.  Orlando has a long and interesting history much older than the Magic Kingdom, International Drive, and the outlet malls. Tourists arrived here because they believed the tropical climate made them healthier.  Grand hotels like the Angebilt and the San Juan Hotel welcomed travelers at least a half a century before Walt Disney World opened their gates.

Trivia Highlights from the most popular Orlando Retro posts:


  • On a single occasion Henry Ford, Thomas Edison, and Harvey Firestone stayed at the Angebilt Hotel on Orange Avenue and on another Joan Crawford attended a reception  for Pepsi Cola.



  • Long before Disney’s Hollywood Studios and Universal Studios Orlando, the first full-length movie filmed here was a 1910 silent film “Romance in Orlando.”


Armed with a journalism degree from the great University of Central Florida (but no experience as a journalist) and memories of golden fried shrimp from Gary’s Duck Inn and pickles out of the Ronnie’s Deli relish bowls, I am here to tell the stories of retro Orlando.

This blog is infrequently updated – sometimes weekly and sometimes every other month.   It takes a while to research and write this stuff.  The best way to find about updates is to follow Orlando Retro on Facebook and Twitter.

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Greetings from Orlando

Greetings from Orlando


6 thoughts on “About Orlando Retro

  1. Incredible blog! Thanks for writing about Orlando’s history.

  2. Tucher

    Great blog, full of interesting facts of Orlando history and beautiful pictures that take you back and bring you up to date.

  3. Chad K

    I have several postcards from the teens and twenty’s of Lake Cherokee if you ever wanted them for the blog.

  4. Melissa

    Anything about Thornton Park?

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